Sydney City

Sydney is the main city of Australia although it is not the capital it is the most highly populated city in Australia. Canberra is officially the capital of Australia with the smalest population. Unlike most countries the ACT is considered the capital as lawmakers ruled back in 1805 that Sydney was not to be the capital and it has stayed that way since then. The population of SYdney is roughly 7 million.The city is in the NSW state and is considered across the world to be one of the most beautiful citys worldwide.


To truely appreciate SYdney one must spend several weeks in the city. It is one of the largest citys in the world roughly covering 15 kilomteres in a square radious. It’s climate is absolutly stunning with warm weather nearly all year round with a cool to moderate winter and a warm to hot summer. One thing Sydney is famous for is it’s lovely beaches. The most famous part of Sydney for many is the beautiful Northern Beaches it is a mix of city life but mixed with beaches it is in the north part of Sydney.

Sydney 2000

Sydneys postode is 2000 and Sydney also held the olympis in 2000, this year bought fame and popularity to the city once more as it was published and publicised world wide. The 2000 olympics was considered by many to be the greatest olympic games held to date.


Infastructure in Sydney is second to none the public transport is run by the state government in NSW and is the most inexpensive public system in any first world countey the average day on public transport will cost you roughly 2$.

Local council

Council is elected every two years in Sydney and due to re-elections being held so frequently it is always a major rush to serve the public in a way that will see whoever is in power re-elected.