Business Broadband For Large & Small Businesses

When sourcing a supplier for you internet at work it is important to keep in mind price vs service. There are dozens and dozens of extremely low cost providers in Australia. Service we believe is the most important aspect of your business broadband decision. If your lines or connection go down what is the waiting period to have the connection fixed?

We at the copier company guarantee a 2 day turnaround no matter how large or small the problem may be. From router malfunction to physical storms the cause of malfunction will be treated the same and our 48 hour guarantee will be honoured.

Installation Of Your Organisations Broadband

What is the turnaround time to have our business broadband installed? This is a common question and the answer really depends on the location of your company and whether they have chosen ADSL or NBN.

ADSL can be installed within 1-2 weeks

NBN has a common waiting time of up to 3 weeks.

Businesses are seeing a massive decrease in coast using NBN as the speed of the connection is allowing local and national companys to switch there lines over to VoIP.

There are also cost benefits on having extremely fast broadband which include less waiting time when online when downloading files to less waiting time while clicking in between pages whilst on the internet.

Your Choice Of Internet Provider

At the copier company we are extremely unique in our approach. That being we supply all the major carriers such as Optus, Telstra and TPG. When making your decision will are happy to do an onsite evaluation of your business.

Once performed we will happily explain which carrier we believe will be the right fit.

This approach is unique in the way we do not just push one product onto your business. Most carriers can only promote their one product our approach is honest and provides a custom approach to your business broadband requirement.

Should your organisation have any issues online our one account manager policy will be a breath of fresh air. No longer will you be on hold for hours on end. You will direct access to your dedicated account manager.

Our no downtime guarantee. Once your company has chosen to use our services we will set an installation date. The install will be scheduled and our highly trained install team will bring a $G dodo that will allow your work environment to carry on as usual.