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We lease the highest quality video conference equipment

At the copier company we provide Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland with only the highest quality audio visual equipment available in the video conferencing. If you are looking to purchase video conference equipment one must understand the difference between cheap equipment and high quality equipment.

We all have access to programs such as Skype, zoom etc. Generally companies working with a tight budget will operate the conferencing on these platforms. If your business in consistently calling out to overseas it is strongly advised to run faster more expensive equipment and platforms.

Most audio visual teleconferencing set up’s are now cloud based and the roll-out of NBN.

Video Conferencing & Cost Cutting Conference Solutions In Sydney

Video conferencing if set up correctly can severely reduce your telecommunications spend when dealing with overseas. Some countries world wide can average a spend of $5.00-$15.00 per minute of call time.

Our services if dealing with overseas can and will reduce the average call to around .cents per minute. Also giving you the unique advantage of being able to see who you are talking to and not having to watch how long the conference call runs. Some video conferencing will allow presenters to take control of call and focus the camera on whoever is talking at that time.

What Is Video Conferencing?

Video conferences is when two or more parties that are in separate locations connect on a video call and can see each other as well as talk to each other. Offering more than just face to face communication you can also send files to each other and have split screen viewing to access and team view the files in real time.

Most systems can now be integrated with digital whiteboards, txt chat, desktops and wide broadcast options allowing large amounts of users to enter the conference call.

If you have any enquiries we are more than happy to perform a free onsite analysis and make expert technical recommendations. Our company offers three different brands and is not bound to pushing one solution. Rather we give you the positives and negatives and let you the client decide which video conference solution best meets your organisations needs.

Our solutions are easy to use and have amazing meeting functions

Once your business has had an onsite evaluation and provided us the preferred budget it will be time to choose your new equipment.

Deciding on which system will then go into your office will generally come down to two main points, ease of use and budget. User interface is what we believe is the most crucial part of the puzzle when making your decision. If there are lags, trouble uploading logging on your new set up is almost worthless. Staff will shy away from using video conferencing and the potential money save will be out the window. Your business needs a set up that is functional and easy to use.

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