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“Think twice before printing this email,” says the electronic signature of some people concerned about the environmental impact of excessive use of paper. But pulp is not the only front on which we can combat the damages caused by contemporaneity to nature. Print equipment manufacturers and photocopiers, eyeing the lode of consumers seeking sustainable options, have launched on the dial options that in addition to reducing the consumption of leaves spend less energy. Saveing on energy consumption on your printer is estimated to be a saving for the average office of roughly $1200 per year. This doesnt sound like much but with a few easy suggestions it can literally be 2 minutes for 1200$ dollars. Sydney photocopier lease is dedicated to saving your office money and providing the best service including tips on how to save thousands with no extra help or gimicks. 

Let’s Print at the Sydney Office with More Economy Photocopier and Printers

According to a report from the International Energy Agency , almost seven percent of all energy consumed by the commercial sector is used by office equipment designed for printing, such as office printers, computers, fax and copy machines – and these devices continue to consume energy even when they are idle, also turning up in large energy vampires (see more about vampires). A Dee Why Real Estate Agent reported a $13,000 electricity reduction in one year.

Most Cost-Effective Models

In addition to more cost effective models, the type of technology used for printing also influences and greatly energy consumption. Inkjet, or inkjet printing, uses liquid pigments, which are thrown into the paper as a kind of micro spray – drips smaller than the thickness of a hair for photocopiers. Once on the surface of the sheet, the paint dries alone. But even in the case of laser printing, toner is a kind of dry powder that is heated to stick to the paper from electrostatics. The melting point of the toner is too high, and to achieve this there is consequently a lot of energy consumption. So technologies that involve new materials or adding new substances to the toner for energy consumption are among the main bets of manufacturers to turn their equipment into “green” devices. To choose the different machine that is energy saving does not mean less quality print less quality time or less quality contract. It is merly a process of looking at energy consumption and choose the preffered provider, photo copier lease has never been so easy and environmentaly beneficial as with us.

Green Printers & Photocopiers

Energy expenditure is also regulated by manufacturers in other ways – and is one of the key items used to include appliances in the “green” category of each brand. HP, Epson, Xerox, Samsung and Canon have Energy Star sealed equipment, awarded by the US same-name organization, which works similarly to Brazilian Procel, certifying the consumption of electricity within certain economy standards.

Office printers commonly used in commercials consume 10 to 50 watts in standby mode and 500 to 700 watts during printing.

We live to bring you the most cost effective and inovative printers in Sydney CBD. If taking care of the environment is important to you then contact us. We live green green saving you money and green saving the environment if for any reason you cant get through do not hesitate to contact us directly. It is our mission to bring savings to you and the environment we are here for everyones benefit. Through choosing machines that use less energy we will put pressure on manufactorers to eventualy only make low energy using photocpy devices. A special thanks to usreview for sponsorship

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